Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fabulous Jacket... Part Deux*

Mmmmm... babies like chocolate....
I am growing the double chins for their love of chocolate!

So, my replacement jacket from Isabella Oliver came today and I heart it! The silhouette is similar to the butterfly sweater - which I loved so much... Perhaps too much, since it unraveled under the strain of my love and had to be sent back...

This jacket is woven, not knit, so I worry less about it's frailty. Now I just have to successfully integrate it into my wardrobe... which led to the purchase of a pair of twill Seven for All Mankind maternity pants... which seemed very indulgent until I realized that a) they were on sale and I got them for $75 and b) I have twelve more weeks of pregnancy and the only pants that fit me are yoga pants.
Pants, I have discovered, are not a good thing to go cheap on...

And yoga pants just simply will not do for the shopping expeditions that are planned around your visit!

Also, I have been told that my body will not simply snap back to it's pre-pregnancy glory like magic.... Can you believe that nonsense??? So - theoretically - I may need these pants for my maternity leave as well. Very practical of me, I think.

And, of course, I think that the Isabella Oliver jacket is just the thing for the breast feeding mommy on the go, don't you?

I'm so glad that we have me all prepared for the babies arrival, aren't you? Now I can't wait for your arrival so that, um, I can actually get something together for them!

* In case you are wondering what is up with my hair... the bangs have grown out a bit and it is quite windy here, so they have had to be restrained. Also, I have discovered that I get pulled together quicker in the morning if I put my hair in hot rollers rather than blowing it straight.

Plus the big hair makes the ginormous belly look smaller, don't you think?

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