Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Last Thursday was the day for surprises... some good, some not so good.

I'm not really the best person for dealing with surprises. My brain runs a mile a minute, I get all flustered and emotional. And lately I have to pee. I'm sure it's some sort of hormonal pregnancy-related reaction.

Lets just pretend at least, okay?

The happiest surprise was my baby shower at work!

Balloons! Cake! Giant candy-filled bottles!

There were presents - good to know that the babies won't have to go nekked if they happen to be born in the next little bit! And there were home-made 'Baby B' cookies and 'Baby A' cookies. There was cake and sparkling cider and best of all lots and lots of people from my office there to show me that they really cared about me and that my ginormous pregnancy had not gone unnoticed.

Is it sad how excited I look for cake?

I was lured down to our company's kitchen by Lara, and there was a whole mess of people waiting for me! I almost started crying and I turned bright red and I think I may have said something about how unfair it is to surprise pregnant ladies.

And then I had to flee to the bathroom to pee. I think that may have made my arrival a bit anti-climactic for some people.

But really, I felt very very lucky.

And then we had the walk through at the new apartment.

And another surprise


This charming, ummm, hammock of water was hanging from our kitchen ceiling!

Apparently, the apartment upstairs had had a sink overflow and it leaked into our ceiling - or rather the previous owners' ceiling - since we hadn't closed yet.

Awesome, right?

Suffice to say, it added some drama to the closing on Friday. As did several financing surprises and some scheduling issues for getting the floors refinished...

Regardless of all of those surprises though, we are now the proud minority owners (the bank owns the majority, naturally) of an apartment in Washington Heights.

It's weird to think that thats where you will visit us now. Thats where our babies will come home to and grow up. Thats where we're going to be living. A week from Friday.


And when you come to visit, it will be a surprise for you!


Heather said...

Oh you are so cute in your little round sweater!

K said...

I totally agree, it is wrong to surprise baby shower a very pregnant person. A surprise party is an emotional ambush.

Dakota said...

you could not be cuter! you're like a little (mmm) irish mama with your cable knit and your blushing.