Saturday, January 05, 2008

2008, Day 5

We got to the 5th day of the year before we had another really good one. Still, that's okay. If 2 out of 5 are this good this year, I can live with that. Here's something that makes a day good - having breakfast twice.

The first time I had breakfast today, it was made by Bobby. Check him out:

Look who got a big tattoo!

Yeah, yeah, don't get your boxers in a bunch. You wanna know why his shirt was off? I was driving him to the airport and he didn't want to get bacon on his nice shirt, or for his sweater to smell like bacon on the airplane. Considerate, isn't he?

Tell me this, though - why did he have to eat his breakfast without his shirt on? Yeah. Anyway, I took him to the airport at 8AM, so you know my world isn't going to be as entertaining for the next week while he's in Chicago. Wish him luck with his interviews for grad school! I've spent so much time talking to him about it that I'm going to almost take it personally if he doesn't get in. Plus I'll be bummed not to get that trip he promised, to Bora Bora, in one of those over-the-water bungalows. I've got, like, seven bikinis all ready for that.

The second breakfast cheered me just as much as the one with Bobby. Heather B and I went to Julia's on Queen Anne, which was almost completely empty when we got there at 10:30. H looked at the menu and said "Don't you hate it when they give things names that would make you embarassed to order?" and pointed to the Cinnamon Yum-Yums. So, of course that was what I ordered. It was deeee-licious! Please, french toast made out of slices of cinnamon rolls? Of course that's gonna be good. Provided you have already had an egg breakfast. I will always pick the egg breakfast over the starch breakfast, though I will gaze longingly at the swedish pancakes, the dutch babies, the malted waffles with blueberries on top. Still, eggs take priority.

So, we've learned something today, about what makes me happy. Breakfast, as frequently as possible. It's even better if it's in bed. Just for the record, neither of today's breakfasts took place in bed.

Oh, and as far as the happiness goes - the Hawks didn't hurt. Even though, as I told Pam, I was a little sorry it was the Redskins we beat today, and not the Cowboys.


h a i k u g i r l said...


p.s. I think I drooled.

Barb said...

Here's hoping the Hawks lose this coming Saturday!

Heather said...

Oh Barb! Ouch! You wound me.