Monday, February 04, 2008

The End of an Era

That's a 15-year-old sticker y'all. Mom put it on the door.

Well, I would write about the shower.... but I really need someone to send me some pictures so that I can! An un-illustrated account of the shower could not possibly do justice to the madness, the mayhem, the avalanche of adorable baby nonsense that has now taken over our home...

But as soon as I get some pictures, I will type something right up!

In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment to memorialize the apartment that is no more.

4c gave and gave and gave. It was not unlike the giving tree - right up until the very last moment when it gave me a five-figure buyout from the landlords (naturally the funds are going directly to the twins college fund...).

It gave me years (15!) of below-market rents.

It gave me the experience of suing my landlords - which did a lot for my backbone.

It gave me multiple roommates... of which you, dear sister, are the only one with whom I am still in touch. Karen? Rebecca? Shenan? Gone with the wind.

It gave me freedom to travel. That below market rent thing.

It gave me Eugene - I am convinced to this day that he was with me for the cheap rent.

It gave me stability - which in New York is saying something!

It gave me the house in Vermont (see below market rent thing again).

It gave me the down payment for our new apartment (ditto).

And it gave me many many fine memories of many many fun cocktail parties.

It gave me a home.

It was a shoebox (in shape, if not actual size) and it had only two windows, but when I left it last thursday - for the very last time - I had a real moment of sadness to be closing that chapter of my life. I would have taken pictures but, with everything out of it, it looked barren and sad and kind of stubbly. It wasn't really my place any more.

I love the new apartment and I love that the babies are soon to arrive, and I know that I am not missing the four flights of stairs. But there will always be a part of me (perhaps hanging out with the mythical ghost of John Belushi?) that lives there.

That lived there.

A last walk out the door.


barnaclebarnes said...

It gave me a couch to crash on when I visited NYC and for that I am grateful!

Heather said...

Oh, Apartment.

Allison said...

Glen - there is always a couch for you to crash on! And your soon-to-be (already?) wife too!

Dakota said...

i'm weeping a little. i remember that lobby door SLAMMING shut! wha BAM!