Sunday, February 10, 2008

Temporary Blogging Blackout!

Missing! But not in rehab. Just missed. As are Kae, Barb and Susan.

Ha, not really. But I have disappeared. Or at least this is how it feels out here, near the east gate of Zion National Park, where there is no cell service, and where the big house we have taken over for the week is neatly packed away in drifts of untouched snow. There is internet, as you can see, but otherwise, I feel quite hibernatious, all tucked away in my pajamas and green striped socks with endless mugs of tea.

So much better than Cirque. It's not parents who are the anti-drug, it's girlfriends.

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Barb said...

i want pictures of the drifts of untouched snow... and pictures of the anti-drugs. I hope I'll find both on the flickr site. have a joyous week!!!