Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why Honey = Yummy

Mmmm.... yummy... you want to eat me...

So this is a bit of a shameless plug for my friend Patty's candy 'Why Honey...'

Why I am I promoting it here? There are the obvious reasons, of course - it's delicious and comes in dark chocolate or milk chocolate and I heart anything that comes dipped in any form of chocolate these days...

But actually, there are other reasons too. Like how I have watched Patty persevere with unflagging enthusiasm and self-confidence over the last months to create this, her first product, in as commercially viable a way possible.

This has meant getting her product name legally trademarked (after the first four were rejected as being too close to other product names), finding commercial cooking space to produce it, lugging 50 lb bags of raw chocolate to said space, spending days resourcing packaging materials, working with a designer (no, not me) to create and produce a label, finding retail outlets for her product and hosting a launch party (which I am told was pretty fabulous, though I couldn't go because of the BABIES!) for said product.

This is Patty and I, pre-pregnancy out whoopin' it up while Euge was in India - I think all the fun she made me have while he was gone was the reason I got pregnant as soon as he got back!

Any hoo, I just really admire and want to support all of the hard work and - dare I say it - heart, that she has put into this product. This delicious, addictive, honey-ish chocolatey-ish bag of deliciousness.

Come on and be the first on your block to discover how fabulous it it. It's available online and I can tell you that dear Patty suffers the US Postal Service personally to get the candy to you as quickly as possible.

The twins love the dark chocolate especially. They say 'Buy some candy!' or at least that's how I am interpreting their kicks as I write this.

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