Sunday, February 24, 2008

Decorating for the babies

I have come to realize that I am lacking a nesting instinct when it comes to getting the nursery ready for the babies. Though I must say that this art appeals to me, I am struggling with how to make all of the lovely things we recieved at their shower hang together.

No pressure, but Dakota set a pretty high standard with Joseph's nursery...

See how colorful and non-sex specific it is?

I feel like part of the problem is not having met the babies yet. But when they get here, I won't have time for decorating a nursery. Did you know that it takes an estimated 15 HOURS A DAY to feed twins? This would not seem to leave much time for finding cute paint colors and just the right carpet...

We have some items in place... but the overwhelming color seems to be brown! I think that we think that when they come, we'll be able to brighten it all up with blue or pink accents... but I worry about my babies growing up in a world of taupe.

Any hoo, I am going to go do some deep thinking in their room and see if something doesn't jump out and inspire me.

I suppose putting away the ironing board that has taken up residence in there might be the first step.

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