Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Title For Old Men

Layin low here in Seattle. Weekend was good, stopped by to see Jessica and taught her to knit while simultaneously trying to find sunglasses in the shape of hearts (white) on the internet. Not so much luck, so buy me a pair when you see them, will you? Cause I'm sure one of your first stops with those twins will be St Mark's Place. No?

There's much more to tell, but I'm on a weird little writing kick at the moment, so I'm gonna get back to that. Catch ya in a day or two.


Dave said...

I was hoping so very much for some type of comment on the Starbucks shut-down. *sigh* I guess I'll have to have a conversation about it with myself.

Heather said...
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Jessica Soga said...

this is a good one... still have not found those sunglasses... i must admit i forgot. I feel that one day you will receive a package from me in the mail, postmarked form New York to Seattle, and in it you will find those lovely babies all for your wearing.