Friday, April 25, 2008

Kate & Kev - the Karaoke Afterparty

Oh no. I have discovered the video upload feature.

If you had seen all the work that went into the Eat Read Hugo benefit for Richard Hugo House last night, you would find it very hard to believe that this video of Kate was taken after the event, around 12:30, I think. The HH dinner was great, I was so glad to be part of it, and the best thing was knowing how happy the staff are going to be once it sinks in just how much love the city showed for them last night.

Meanwhile, across town, the Maldives were part of a night at the Tractor called "Goin to California", so I took off my satin heels and crystal chandelier earrings and headed off with Kate to check it out. We made it there just in time to hear them play two songs, including California Stars. Afterwards there was a lot of outdoor milling around, during which time I got this sweet footage. If you watch all the way to the last 30 seconds, I think you'll agree with the guy who is commenting in the background - this is Pure Gold.

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