Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're wiped out!

Thomas and Max with their new buddies.

It's been a busy week here!

As you may recall, last Thursday we took the boys to see Howard Schatz to get their photos taken. I haven't seen the fruits of that shoot yet, but the boys were very adorable and very nekked. I meant to take photos of the shoot in progress, but I was so busy baby-wrangling, breast feeding, and cleaning up the random golden showers that nekked baby boys are bound to produce that I just didn't get a chance.

It was a pretty neat experience nonetheless, and everyone agreed that the boys were genius - especially after witnessing Thomas's patented hold on his bottle.

How many six-week-old babies do you know that can hold their own bottle?

Any hoo, afterwards we went to one of Auntie Heather's favorite places - Purl - in SoHo, so that Grandma Carolyn could get a crotchet hook. Apparently Purl is pricey! $2.79 for a crotchet hook that should cost $ .79. Oh well.

Of course, I had to take a picture...

I only let them roast in the sun for a moment...

Interesting fact - did you know that you can't put sunscreen on babies under six months? No beach for us this summer!

Friday morning we headed up to Vermont for the boys first weekend there. It was 70 degrees all weekend, but there was still snow at the mountains, so we headed out for some tailgaiting whilst Daddy hit the slopes...

Momma boozing it up in the parking lot...

Aren't we a class act? And this is before the barbeque came out!

This week, we've been running errands all over the neighborhood and we've been going out to the park every day and receiving lots of visitors at home... so today we are taking it easy.

Tomorrow night we head back to Vermont, where there is a kayaking festival this weekend - Daddy will be paddling and Momma will be walking the bike path along the river with the boys.

Next week we have another photo shoot for Babytalk Magazine - they are doing a story on breastfeeding twins. You may get to see my tatas in a national publication! I've been promised that it will be discrete, but still... heehee!

I'm excited since it seems that I take many pictures of the boys... and many pictures of other people with the boys... but nobody takes pictures of ME with the boys!

Any hoo - that's what's up with us. I think I'll go join the boys in a nap now.


Heather said...

Love the photo of you with your pigtails! And beer, of course.


Allison said...

Pigtails are about as much style as I can muster for my hair! Ah for the days when I could spend half an hour blow drying or hot curling!

The beer was just a photo prop, of course. ;-P.

Anonymous said...

Breta, Marjie and I spent a pleasant evening sharing baby joy stories. I love that I can oogle your gorgeous boys via the blog. Best to all.