Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Turkey Belly

The funny thing about these babies is how they grow. See the photo above? That is from two weeks ago. Now the babies are almost too big for those outfits, which were swimming on them at the time.

And, yes, their special Aunti-Heather-knitted hats are woefully too small now.

This is what they did in utero too. They grew and grew and grew. Remember when I looked like this?


And I am here to tell you that it does not all bounce back. Nope, it does not. We were at a family event last night and one of Euge's friends from growing up was there - six months pregnant with one baby - and I still look more pregnant than her.

Granted, it's gotten better. And there are corsety options I haven't embraced yet. But when I look at my post pregnancy belly in the mirror these days, it mostly reminds me of the tail end of a de-feathered turkey.

I don't have permission to start working out for another week, and I know that I need to consume calories for the never-ending breastfeeding. And sometimes - to paraphrase J-Lo in her People interview - I like to poke my jiggly belly. It makes me laugh, mija...

And, of course, the boys are worth the sacrifice of my skin texture and Earl low-rise jeans... but I think that I'll be doing some crunches starting this time next week, because turkey butt just isn't my thing.


Barb said...

I'm sure you look fabulous, Ali, and the turkey butt will slowly disappear over time. Just keep feeding those babies. They'll suck the pounds right out of you. And they are adorable!!! Enjoy every second. Any minute you'll wake up and realize they're no longer newborns but jabbering, smiling, interacting boys with big heads and big eyes and a completely smitten attachment to their mommy. It is the greatest thing in the world!!!!

Thanks for continuing to share photos with us. When I was pregnant I couldn't understand all the women around me who hardly knew me but were interested in knowing about my baby and seeing him after he was born. Now I get it. Something melts in my heart every time I look at those boys of yours, and I've never even met you. They are absolutely precious and you just want to bury your face in their bellies.

Allison said...

Barb - Thank you so much for thinking the boys are yummy! I think that Sam is pretty adorable too! I appreciate the commentary from a Mommy so recently in the same trenches.

Sleep deprivation really robs you of perspective on some things - not the cuteness of your babies, but perhaps the relative importance (and impermanence) of a turkey butt belly.