Thursday, April 10, 2008

One Night of luuuuuv!

Maldives love!

When I heard about the Maldives playing a Roslyn show, I knew I had to go. Yes, I've seen them a few times recently. What, you say, how many? Uh, a few, okay? A FEW!! God!

But Roslyn has that appeal that weird little towns have for me, and I love the drive over there on 90. Most importantly, though, I knew, I just knew, that there would be a man in that bar who could two-step. I was so right. He was a robust white-haired gent, wearing a red-t-shirt and overalls with red stars on them. We had a twirl or two, and I resolved to get back to the Hen for some more lessons. I was a little rusty on the Cowboy Cha-Cha, heartbreaking!

There was pizza for dinner at Village Pizza, topped with kielbasa and sauerkraut? Much better than you would imagine, and that was before all the whisky. Ryan read us Trivial Pursuit cards and the next day, he was game master again when he taught us how to play shuffleboard after an avalanche closed I-90. Being trapped at The Brick for a few more hours than we had been planning to spare was Courtney's favorite part of the trip. If I didn't love two-stepping to the Maldives so much, I might agree with him.

Jason + Kate
Ryan's got game

Cute Courtney

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