Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One Month of luuuuuuuuuuuuuv!

Thomas is kicking kicking kicking! Max is sleeping sleeping sleeping!

I feel like I should be writing something other than how enchanting the boys are, because - really - how much of that can people take?

The problem is that they are the big story in my life right now (and for a while I imagine) and they really are that interesting - to me at least!

My biggest trips from the apartment have been walks to Fort Tryon Park and driving Mom to the airport. The most distracting entertainment I have had - aside from the babies and parental visits - has been watching movies from Netflix (Dan in Real Life was good! And Mom introduced me to the Duchess of Duke Street!).

So I am a bit boring.

But the fun of watching the babies suck their fingers, kissing their kissy lips and chubby cheeks, changing their cheesy/poopy diapers and trying to sooth them to sleep at 2AM is entertainment enough for me!

With only about 4-5 hours of sleep, I don't have the attention span for anything more entertaining and though hanging out at the apartment isn't as cosmopolitan as going for cocktails at the Blue Owl, it's been a fun opportunity to really connect with Mom and Dad and Lucia during their visits.

Plus, Dad did a lot of cooking - yum! Thanks for the salmon fettucini Alfredo and the chinese stir-fry!

Anyways. A month into this parenting thing and I am just as captivated by the boys, by getting to know them and their funny ways - Max likes to fall asleep with his head spilling over your arm (see the baby Lucia is holding in the photo below?) and Thomas is an unrepentant finger-sucker and bink-a-holic.

Happy belated one-month-birthday boys! We've decided to keep you!

Gotta go now - we just received a shipment of 200 diapers - which should last us about a week...

There's Max - draping his head right off Grandma Lucia's arm - just the way he likes it!

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Barb said...

My God, Allison. They are so absolutely beautiful and adorable. It won't be long before they're laughing and giggling and talking and entertaining you even more. Who needs cocktails or a night out when you've got TWO amazing little snugglers. Enjoy it all because they change and grow so fast. I just bought rice cereal yesterday and it makes me a little sad that Sam is ready for it already.