Saturday, April 05, 2008

Away Again

I'm sorry I just could not look at those dancers one more day

Barb asked in comments last time if I ever sleep, or ever just relax at home alone. While it is true that I am not the best sleeper, I do, of course, relax at home alone. How else would I get all my knitting done? Still, this was one of those weekends where there was too much to do, therefore I am only relaxing at home alone this morning, and still I am missing out on some very appealing things.

Tonight the Starlings play an early show at the Tractor, and I would have loved to be there. But what I'm doing instead is good too - going to the historic Brick in Roslyn with Kate to see the Maldives. For the past few months people have been sending me clippings about the pending extinction of Polaroid film, so I think I'll take mine along with me for the weekend. Road trip to a little town with one of Seattle's best bands? Ideal conditions for the Polaroid. Almost cliche, really. Can we call it paradigmatic instead?

I love packing for a road trip, and am off now to take a bath and ruminate on what to pack. This will no doubt include velvet pants, knitting and a little book of poetry.

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