Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Guest Blogger Susan Tells You How It Was. Kind-Of.

It always starts with a call. Or, more specifically a text message. "Portland"?

Who can resist? A crazy room at the Ace with old dictionary pages as wallpaper, old school glass bottles of Coke in the make-shift mini-bar, and water-up-to-my-chin bathtub.

MUCH car dancing, shopping, Stumptown coffee consuming, Powells wandering, eyelash fluttering and pastry eating.

And after 10pm? Those who know us well would know where to find us. Heather might be dancing her butt off at a club. And me, I couldn't let that awesome tub go to waste, could I? But I am neither confirming or denying these rumors. Those who know us can figure it out on their own.

Anyone who knows us knows it's been like that since the 6th grade.

It's how we roll.

- S.R, 05.07.08

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Anonymous said...

I will forever associate Seattle with the phrase "It's how we roll." Especially after the receptionist at Boeing said that regarding their stringent security badge policy.