Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Two Months of Well Babies!

Max and Thomas comforting each other at the doctor's office

Well I'm a little late in observing it, but the boys are two months old now.

We had their well-baby check up and both of them are doing great! Thomas weighs 10lbs 15 oz and is in the 28th percentile and Max weighs 10lbs 2oz and is in the 18th percentile. They both have excellent social smiles and great eye contact.

Go boys!

It seems like every day I notice some new funny thing about them, or they do some new little trick. Thomas grabbed his own feet and laughed! Max touched his peepee while I was changing his diaper!

Earth shattering stuff, really...

I have a month until I go back to work and it is just unfathomable that I won't have this time with them. We've started interviewing caregivers and it just breaks my heart a bit. Every charming smile, every giggle, every quizzical look and milestone that someone else will get from them every day, while I am off designing logos with leaves and classy gold foils.

I guess it goes without saying that, despite the fact that I can't envision ever having eight consecutive hours of sleep again... I heart them more each day.

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