Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday night, Saturday all day

It was summer here last night, and it hasn't left us yet. The wind has picked up and the windows I've had open all day are closed now. I don't know what it's going to be like tomorrow, but that doesn't seem important. Sunday's used to be my worst day, but after my time off, that had changed. I'm happier at home these days than I've ever been, and of course that helps the Sunday night problem.

All evening, I've been happy at home, watching the DVD that comes with Sky Blue Sky, on repeat. It's a beautiful little thing. It opens with these beautiful winter scenes, ice-gray skies, dark trees, leafless, dogs playing in the snow, park benches, Tweedy talking abut making things simple.

I guess I should say I've mostly been listening to it, letting it light the apartment. I put it in while I sat talking with Bobby, after a long day of sunshine, coffee, breakfast out, a walk to Fremont and back. After he left, I went out for a while, had some dinner, then came home and put it back on.

I've been listening to things on repeat a lot lately. This is true about music, the drive to work, but it brings us back to the Sunday thing too. Coffee, farmer's market, King's. The good things repeat. Somewhere in the weekend, Susan, Jessica, Courtney, often Kate, Bobby. Sunday nights at the Hen. And around those little cycles, there's the orbit of my writing group, the long days before deadlines, the short ones working on manuscripts for return. That makes this count as a happy time, puts us part of the way into summer even without much sun. Because here's how I think of summer - as a shortening of the distance between what you want and what you have. That's what knowing who and what you love will do for you. You get to be satisfied.

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