Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Twelve Would Be a Lot of Babies

When people see the boys, or comment on the fact that they're twins, their comments tend to fall into one of two categories.




Obviously, I prefer the latter.

I can understand the first sentiment though, and that is due to my guilty pleasure. John and Kate Plus Eight.

Now, there are plenty of shows about large families. The Duggars come to mind. Eighteen children? That's car-azy! All those quiver-full, fundamentalist families who run their homes like boot camps are entertaining and all, but John and Kate are different.

First of all, they only had two pregnancies. And Kate has PCOS, like me, and had to undergo fertility treatments (though the boys are identical so their twin-ness is natural in some way.) So I feel their... ummm... pain about getting more than you bargained for (and loving it!)

They keep it real. They don't have kids marching off in two by two pairs... they don't gaze adoringly into each others eyes like they've drunk the xanax-ed kool-aid. They show how hard it really is. They show that you can argue and bicker and still have a strong marriage, still be partners, still raise good kids, still love each other.

Even if you come off as a controlling bee-yotch and he comes off as a slacker. We're all just people, trying to make a challenging situation work.

I love the boys, they are endlessly amusing and adorable and they fill my heart to the brim. I love Eugene, but marriage is tough. Parenting is tough. Parenting twins is tough. Not too tough, but tough enough.

So, when I feel that it's a bit overwhelming, I watch John and Kate Plus Eight. It makes me laugh, it makes me feel better. It makes me feel like twins are a breeze.

My favorite? When they had all the babies lined up at the table to feed and John said to Kate, "Six babies aren't that many."

She said, "What?"

He said, "twelve... twelve would be a lot of babies, but six isn't that bad!"

And I think that says it all about why I like that show.


Cheryl Lage said...

My husband's boss has triplets, and in those really challenging early days (and then again when potty training) I kep thinking of the exponential addition one extra baby would be. How nice to know that even with sextuplets, Jon can step back and re-assess!

Glad to find your blog!

Barb said...

omg, i watch that show too. and i often think that if they can do THAT i can certainly handle one. i was inspired for sam's first flight to CA after watch jandk+8 fly to chicago for oprah. all new mommies should watch. i thought i was the only one. :)