Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Down on the Shore

Look at Max in his funny muscle shirt!
Love those guns baby!

Well, instead of our usual trek to Vermont, this weekend we opted to go to the Jersey Shore. Ah, the lovely Jersey Shore!

Euge's Aunt Liz has a house right across from the boardwalk and she had some of her daughters down, so we decided to join them and take advantage of the nice weather and the extra hands.

It's always nice to have a bunch of baby-googly ladies around, willing to take a baby or two. I even managed to get a manicure and pedicure! I wouldn't exactly recommend the salon - I am spoiled by the meticulous manicurists that you find on virtually every street corner in Manhattan and this girl was sloppy - but it was relaxing.

And there's nothing like a crappy french-tip manicure to make you feel right at home in Jersey!

Note how I position the baby to hide my ginormous belly.
Babies really are the perfect accessory!

We got to take the boys to the beach, they didn't seem to have any strong opinions about it. I also took the opportunity to bust out the silly hats again.

Thomas, such a sweetie. He looks sad in the eyes...
like he's thinking "why Mommy? Why the hat?"

Sunday afternoon was the big party day at the beach club catty corner to Liz's house and I really wish that I could properly illustrate the parade of muscleheads and Kardashian wanna-be's that paraded by, but I was afraid that if I took a picture, somebody might get pummeled.

Well, not really but this site illustrates the scene much better than I EVER could.


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