Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where does the time go?

Laying on the lawn at Stoneridge

We've had an eventful couple of weeks with trips to the country (our friends HK & Thor's house), trips to IKEA (to FINALLY furnish the boys' room) and loads of other events big and small.

But, of course it's midnight and the responsible mommy should be in bed... so I'll just post this picture of the boys that sort of shocked me.

I mean, they look like BOYS... not my babies!

Mmmmmm.... belly...

They aren't even six months old yet!


Barb said...

great picture. The surprises never end. Prepare yourself. They keep growing. :)

Grandma Mendel said...

Tell me Thomas doesn't look like his mommy!...THAT IS Thomas isn't it??!!

Can't wait to blow kisses into their little bellies!!

Sweet dreams precious ones!

Anonymous said...

Allison, you are beautiful!