Monday, August 25, 2008


Back before Euge and I got married and bought the house in Vermont, we used to spend a lot of time at our friends, HK and Thor's, house in Stoneridge, NY. It was close to climbing (ah, those were the days!), there's a pool and - most importantly - the company was excellent and so were the mint juleps.

Well, times change, and not long ago the boys and I headed up with HK and her daughter Ada, in the family Westfalia, for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

There was some goofing off...

Thomas and his new favorite accessories.

Some eating....

Mmmm, ice cream for breakfast...

Mmm, oatmeal and breast milk facial for breakfast...

Mmmm... baby cake!

There was walking

Ada finds new uses for old monkey bars


Max says 'Wheee! Press the emergency button NOW!'

Monkey wrangling

Thomas wonders, 'Will you be my buddy if I pull your tail?'


Max tries to steal Liza from her son Luke, by drooling on her

Thomas tries the same trick with HK

Allison ignores babies and stares lovingly at the camera...

And some awesome napping

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Barb said...

They ar just so darn cute!!!