Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching Up With Myself

I can't believe how dormant the blog habit is with me right now. I miss the idea of it, but I used to ACTUALLY miss it when I didn't write here, and lately that hasn't been the case. I'm hoping that's going to change, but in the mean time I'm thinking about habits in general, and how they change, and what comes next.

What comes next for two of the three cutie pies above is American school. Remember Ella of "Mummy! I don't WANT to walk!! I want to take a TAXI!!" fame? Love that girl. That's her above, and brother Wyatt, and finally brother Wren. They're back from Oxford and settling back in to their San Francisco home, so I flew down Saturday morning and spent one night and the last two days of summer with them.

That's what Kristin said when we were at the beach - "It's the last day of summer!" I protested, but since the kids were off to the first day of school in the morning, of course she was telling the truth.

Seattle confirmed this Sunday night, when everything was dark and shiny with rain. It's stayed that way every day since, so I guess that's where we are. I'm working on getting okay with that. This involves building outfits around those sparkly wellies I bought just as the weather turned sunny here, and stocking up on yarn for shawls and getting that DVD cue on the library web site all built up again. And writing. Lots of little bits and pieces of stories to work on, and two that are actually more than a bit, more than a piece.

We're still hoping for more days of summer here. That's inevitable. And knowing Seattle, we'll probably get them. But it's a little like that point in a relationship where you've seen the end of it, and no matter how many good days you manage to wrestle out of it, you still can't un-see the end.

And that's when you gotta' figure out what comes next. I can do that, though, don't you think?



Allison said...

Oh my goodness, Kristin's kids are cute.. but that picture of the youngest cracks me up! He looks like baby Godzilla!

Sounds like a fun weekend. Love you, miss you,


Anonymous said...

I just wrote an email, myself, this morning about the apparent end of summer.

Oh, my.

Not ready. Not ready at all.

It does seem irrevocable, and yet, hopefully reversible, all at the same time.

Let's hope for the hopeful.
And thanks, as usual, for your eloquence.