Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hmmm... file under 'better late than never'

Look what came in the mail!
The August issue of Babytalk Magazine!
So much more interesting than Vogue or Vanity Fair!
Right up there with the New Yorker!

Let's check out the table of contents... hmm...
an article about breastfeeding twins?
Got my attention!
And... hmmm... that photograph looks like someone...
I'll have to turn to page 68 to check it out!

Oh my goodness, it's me and the boys!
How did that happen?

Months and months ago, we answered a castingcall for a mother nursing twins and voilá... here is the article. The niblets were only six or seven weeks old then. Look how tiny they are! Anyways, I only just got this and, if you'd like a copy, just run over to your local pediatricians' or OBGYNs' office and pick it up! It's free!

Wow, my nose looks big in that picture. Is it really that big?


Dakota said...

YAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so cool and fabulous! Honey, no one is going to be looking at your nose in that photo :) Seriously, you look beautiful and glowing and the boys are the sweetest little sweet peas ever!

Barb said...

Cool. Does this mean that those of us freaks who know you but don't really know you can claim five seconds of fame? :)

And no your nose does not look big. And nobody's looking at your nose anyway.


They're looking at those cute babies.