Monday, September 29, 2008

35? Not so bad. Humid, but not so bad

98% Humidity at a medieval fair? I'm just glad I wasn't the one wearing armor.
Or diapers. Poor Thomas!

It was a pretty fabulous birthday weekend. Despite raining on and off, I had the nicest time with my friends and all my boys.

Friday I got a home-made cheesecake (with fresh strawberries and a macadamia-chocolate crust!) and a gift card for the GAP from my lovely co-workers... so now I can get those cute baby jumpers I wanted!

That night I went out with girlfriends for some wine and cheese puffs. It was fun to just sit and chat. We were at an outdoor bistro, under a wide awning and it was drizzling lightly. It was totally lovely and quasi-parisienne.

I went home and watched the debates. which were like an extra gift.

And that's all I will say about that.

Except that Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin on Saturday night live is also quite a gift.

Saturday, the Manhattan Twins Club's picnic was canceled due to rain, which bummed me out. But, it gave us a chance to mostly finish the boys nursery - which I will share with everyone when it is more totally done.

Their new stroller also got put together and, while it is very sharp looking, it is kind of disappointing because people don't get to see both babies at once. In their old stroller they could turn their flirt on and it was like being hit by high beams and low beams at once!

This photo is to demonstrate what the new stroller looks like overall....
Thank you John Owen for modeling for us

Max is having a party up front

While Thomas is keeping things intimate....

with all the ladies in the back...

I predict that the old stroller will continue to see some use. Ahem, Eugene and Claudia like all the attention that twins get...

We ordered in Indian food and just chilled out Saturday night, knowing that Sunday was the big day at the Medieval Fair!

And, verily, it was quite a day.

We had to wait out some rain in the morning, but by 12:30 it was clear enough to walk up. We had 6 kids, 2 infants and 7 adults. Amazingly, no one got (really) lost.

Amy and the kids watch the jousting forsooth!

There was jousting, sword fighting, birds of prey displays, a grillion vendors, medieval pirates, medieval princesses, medieval wenches, medieval fairies, medieval goths, medieval astronauts, medieval pocahontas, medieval mermaids. Really, the list is endless.

John and William and their special medieval horns

Really you could be anything and call it medieval if you had a corset or a sword or a cup attached to your belt.

An exhausted but jubilant crowd heads for home.

We hung out for quite a while and then wandered back to the apartment where we gave the boys a bath (is there any better present than adorable nekked babies?) and put them to bed.

Still the best birthday present ever...

Then we collapsed into a pile on the couch and fell asleep while watching Eureka on the DVR.

Really, it was a great day.

And I got my bag!


Barb said...

They just get cuter and cuter and cuter. And that last picture is unbelievable!

Allison said...

I swear to god, that is really how they sleep - I did not position them like that!

Barb said...

That makes me want another one. They warned me this would happen... that when Sammy started getting mobile and wanting to crawl and be put down more I'd start missing that snuggle and want another baby. Looking at that last photo of your adorable boys just makes me smile and feel like snuggling a baby. I never thought it would happen to me, but I absolutely love being a mommy to and I love all that snuggling. There. The decision is made. Sam is not allowed to grow up. Ever. :)