Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Now

I'm looking forward to a porter shake, maybe a BBQ pork sandwich? Tomorrow morning Jenn and I head down to McMinnville Oregon for one last outdoor concert before we go back to being cave-dwellers here in the Northwest. I love the Edgefield, and Jenn and I always have fun. Did I tell you we went to Skate King together recently? We did! Same carpets, same mushroom-shaped, uh... what are they? Benches? We went to Red Robin first and had drinks with umbrellas, a chi-chi for me. Helped my skating a LOT, believe me. I know you do.

It' supposed to be 74 down in McMinnville tomorrow, 84 the next day. Perfect milkshake weather. I'm not sure I have enough faith in weather reports to actually pack for that, though. I was thinking wellies and a toasty sweater under a windbreaker. I'll take a chance and pack a t-shirt too, sunglasses for sure. Polaroid? Digital camera at least, it's been so underused lately.

I blame the driving for the lack of photos. Not road trip driving, where thoughts roll out ahead of me like a ball of yarn that has gotten away of me. Commuter driving, the kind where you get out at the end and can't remember anything at all about the drive. I've been listening to books though. Persuasion, Tim Egan's The Worst Hard Time, now the last Harry Potter book. It helps me get out of the apartment in the morning, but it's not conducive to the kind of wool-gathering that leads to blog posts or to the kind of looking that makes you take out the camera. Without the books on CD, commuting is pretty soul-deadening. Though if JK Rowling makes Hagrid take out his "table-cloth size" handkerchief one more time, I might... anyway, Lolita is next. That'll be good for sure, if a little disturbing.

Can you tell I'm fretting about the lack of blog posts? I am.

What I'm fretting about more, though... is the Birthday Present Problem. Gold hoop earrings!? I hope that was a hint for your husband!


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jessica said...

i think we need a book on tape exchange. Not that i have any yet, but i should do this. See i really love books and reading but i am such a slow learning disability reader that i get distracted sometimes or just in general it takes me way to long to read therefore loosing some effect.