Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Times

We weren't in Vermont this weekend, we stayed in the city to try and get the boys' room painted. A project fraught with difficulty.

Yes, I said fraught.

My advice? Don't marry a man with a creative mind and decorating ideas of his own. It can only lead to 3 hour debates on what the appropriate shade of blue is for a room for baby boys.

And what color did we end up with? Green tea. Not any shade of blue, but quite lovely.

The room is still not done - there were also some issues with spackle not drying in the humidity - so the apartment is all upside down... but that's okay because it's nine o'clock on Sunday and all my boys are sleeping!

Any hoo, I thought I would post the video because I thought it was funny! Don't worry - no beer was consumed - at least not by the baby...

It reminded me of an afternoon spent at Dakota's brother's house... of Mom and Dad and their generic Beer.... of rail riding with Leigh and Larry and getting lit on half of a bud light... good times!

I especially love Max's shiver at the end.

Hopefully, Child Protective Services doesn't get a hold of this.


Barb said...

Very cute. I love how Max and Thomas have their very distinct personalities. That shiver is priceless.

Hopefully Child Protective Services has more to do than scan our blogs. Otherwise I'm in trouble too. My latest video is of Sam trying to walk. It doesn't end well.

Anonymous said...

I think Max will be the one to do all things seriously and with great diligence...and alas...he will be a man of few words!!