Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things I Haven't Told You

I got a housekeeper. Did I tell you that? I don't think so. My personal assistant found her. Together, the two of them changed my life. Really. Jess somehow got me out from underneath a guilt-ridden pile of stuff, and Kelly has whipped this place into shape to the point where it's almost like I live here. So, that's one thing.

Here's another thing we haven't talked about. We're having a little return of summer here, weather-wise. And I know this doesn't make sense, but I realized today that it's kinda bumming me out. The weather comes and I'm stuck indoors, or somehow unable to take advantage of the sun, and it's not like mid-summer, where you think, hey, no problem, I can take advantage of the NEXT sunny day. This time it's painful, like missing the going away party for someone you love, and then not having a phone or email or even letters to get back in touch with them. Something you love is gone, and you're just stuck with that.

And that's why the Kelly thing is so big. Cause here's what we do for the end of summer, for missing love and missing light - there's the couch, and there are hot beverages, and there's knitting and all of that requires a clean apartment, right? There are books too. I never did read that last Harry Potter book, so maybe there's that, and if not, then there's some Nobel Prize winner that I should probably read like J.M. Coetzee, or the new Alice Munro story in the New Yorker, or whatever else anyone tells me I should read to distract myself. Until we're back in summer in one way or another, in some new flowering that, now, when all we know is that every day of summer is probably the last, doesn't seem like a place we'll ever get to.

A few weeks ago Regan sent me one of those Getting To Know Your Friends emails, the kind that asks things like:

What is your favorite pastime?
What was the last thing you ate?
What are you listening to right now?
What was your most memorable recent birthday?

Anyway, one of the questions that stumped me was "What's a day on the calendar that you are really looking forward to?"

And what I realize I haven't told you, in addition to the trivia above, is that the day on the calendar I'm looking forward to is the day you land in Seattle with those boys for Thanksgiving.

Miss those little devils.

Miss you.


P.S. Miley Cyrus is the worst singer ever, for reals. Did you see Fashion Rocks? Beyonce with JT? Oh, yes. Miley? Hell no.


Barb said...

Heather??? Is that really you?

Barb said...

Oh My God - I feel I need to clarify this comment. It's been pointed out to me that this could be construed as me doubting your love of your nephews or doubting your excitement about seeing them at Thanksgiving. And now that I read through the comment in that context, I can see how it might come across that way. i did not mean that at all. I know you love your nephews and you're genuinely excited about seeing them, and I know you're sad about the distance between you and them. (Who wouldn't be?) I just asked if it was you because the language in a few places didn't sound like the usual Heather and I wondered if this was a guest host pretending to be you. I'm really, really, really sorry, Heather. I know how really important and special that nephew relationship is for you. We all do. Forgive me?

Dakota said...

now that's MY favorite next day on the calender too! woooohooooo!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Me too! And only 10 weeks away!