Monday, September 08, 2008

Six Months of Luv

Now that we are at the six month mark with the boys, changes are afoot - even if the boys aren’t yet.

Haha. Get it? Afoot?

Sigh. Lack of real sleep = tired sense of humor.

So what's happening at six months, you ask? Or you don't, but I will tell you anyways.

Well, there’s lots of blond hair happening. You can’t see it in photos much, because it is quite fine, but when I lather their hair up I am able to make some handsome little faux hawks.

There are also teeth happening! Or rather a tooth. In Max’s mouth. Despite being a bit more diminutive than his brother, he is showing his precociousness by sprouting some chiclets. We’ll see what happens to the breast feeding plan when my little hoovers turn into little sharks.

Our other activities include jumping around like maniacs in the Johnnie Jump-Ups (see above). Flirting wildly with every woman - and many of the men - in sight. Making lots of babbling noises. Stealing each other’s binkies all night. Stealing each other’s toys all day. Grabbing their own toes and sucking on them. grabbing each others fingers to suck on. Oh, and grabbing my cheeks in order to suck on my nose is also very popular.

The grabbing of anything is always entertaining when you are trying to change a diaper. Speaking of which,there continues to be a trend towards pooping.

Lots and lots of pooping.

It must have something to do with the sweet potatoes and carrots that have become a part of their new extended menu.

All in all, they are fantastic little men and every day they manage to wind themselves a bit more tightly around my heart.

We had our first outing as a couple without them this weekend - Eugene's Mom was babysitting and I believe you may have called and interrupted a very important stage in the Bedtime Routine.

Since I spent three days emphasizing the importance of the Bedtime Routine and how not following the Bedtime Routine would lead to Certain Doom, I am afraid that you may have gotten a bit of an abrupt greeting.

Of course, Carolyn did a fabulous job with the boys and Eugene and I were able to enjoy ourselves, knowing that they were in loving - if somewhat terrified - hands. I'll admit to a certain amount of jealousy when I saw other babies at the wedding... but not when they all started getting cranky around seven o'clock with nowhere to go!

That's when I was pleased that my own little niblets were safely tucked into their crib... and I ordered another glass of wine.


It was a beautiful wedding with laughter and tears and sunshine and rain. There were sunflowers and barbeque and a fabulous Lily Pulitzer wedding dress. And if I hadn't had our camera tucked into the diaper bag for Claudia to religiously record the boys' daily activities, I surely would have taken five million photographs.

As great as it was though, when we got home - just in time for the midnight feeding of the piglets - I was happiest just seeing their sweet little faces, smelling their sweet little necks and kissing their chubby chubby cheeks.

I can't believe it's already six months.


Barb said...

Too, TOO Cute!

Heather said...

I see synchronized swimming in the future!!

spuugbeestje said...

hi there,
i don't know how the heck i ended up here (?!) but this is soooo recognizable! my girl is 6 months, TODAY! it's a copy paste thing!
greetings from the Netherlands,