Friday, October 17, 2008

Blogger Hates Me

But it's okay, really. Just last night Kate and I went to Sambar (you know what that looks like) and were talking about blog writing, and my dependence on photos. I started wondering about doing a blog post without a photo, of course, and then tonight, Blogger rejected all the photos I tried to upload.

So. Hey.

Sometimes when I'm at a loss for a photo, I'll go back to this time last year. Things were delicious this time last year. All orangey and coffeeish. Things are still pretty here, the street I drive down every day in my office park is a long stretch of flamboyant color, and my apartment is toasty and blanketish. Things aren't as delicious though. I've been eating at home too much for that, my own ridiculous creations, accidents involving cuts of meat I don't understand, or negligence in the form of frozen bags. For lunch there's a frozen box, and now that B has an office job, the lattes aren't the same.

It's indicative of something, of course. I'm a little hungry these days, but not the good kind of hungry, where everything looks like a feast. It's that kind of hungry where nothing appeals, and of course that's how you end up with the frozen box meal. Food as necessary.

Other things are feeding me though. Books. Work. Plus, travel transforms, and next week I fly back to California for the Tomales Bay workshops. I know what I want when I get there. A latte from the little stand there, one of those oat bar things, some oysters from Tony's, a burger and milkshakes.

Some things are just always good.


Barb said...

Have fun at Tomales, Heather. I will miss all those things and live vicariously through you... starting your day with a latte from Toby's as the world wakes up and the fog lifts from the water across from the conference center. Of course I'm jealous of all the writing and reading and amazing faculty and writers you're going to be exposed to, but most of all I will miss you and my other writing friends and the oysters at Tony's. Suck a few down for me and say hi to the rest of the gang. I hope you have an awesome week that fills at least some of that hunger.

Stephanie said...

Blogger hates me too right now. I started a new blog with them yesterday and, despite the fact that I have an active blog under the same umbrella account, they've decided that it's a spam blog and frozen it for review. Wildly irritating! A co-worker suggests I blame it on the Mercury retrograde, which seems as good a reason as any. Have a fantastic trip -- the good hunger will return! It always does... xoxo

chimayo bound said...

I'm with you, Heather.
I need Tomales Bay and Pt. Reyes right now like I need a good massage, or a listening friend, or a cool (dry) evening on a breezy porch under a warm blanket.
Thanks, as always, for your words.


Kate said...

mmm...oysters. Look forward to your birthday roast and birthday pie! What's yr favorite pie by the way? I'm aiming to please on November 3.

Kate said...

mmm...oysters. Look forward to your birthday roast and birthday pie! What's yr favorite pie by the way? I'm aiming to please on November 3.

Heather said...

Mmmm... PIE! Is there any food that more closely resembles pure happiness?

Not sure what my favorite pie is... the other day I was craving a rhubarb pie, the kind with custard... but I don't think we are in the right season for that. I just don't think you could make a bad one, Kate!

Kate said...

It's just your luck that I keep a bag of rhubarb in the freezer and I know how to make custard! Happy birthday!

Heather said...

Kate, you are almost too good to be true.