Friday, October 17, 2008

The Cretins Got Some Culture

Max - much cuter than the Van Gogh baby

So Dad and Lucia were here for 5 whole days and we managed to get the boys to the Cloisters, The Met, and the MoMA. The little heathens are practically qualified to be art critics now!

Strangely, they mostly seemed interested in the ceilings of the various museums. Post-post-post modern art perhaps? Found art? Maybe they are conceptualizing a future photo essay.

We also did a lot of walking, tickling, cuddling, smooshing, laughing and eating.

Lucia shows Thomas where his soft spots are

We walked up to the Cloisters - don't worry, the stroller was not far away!

Max naps while I do the heavy lifting

We walked through Central Park to get to the Met

You have to look at the new stroller from just the right angle to get the full twin effect

The boys successfully napped through most of the museum visit

Yay for couches!

Except when Daddy was providing rides

Whee! The Impressionists are fuuuuunnnnnn!

Or, if Grandpa was providing rides!
Thomas likes cuddles, long walks on the beach, and Grandpa!

We also all got to go to playgroup - which is one of my favorite things. There is nothing like watching a gaggle of toddlers dance to 'The Wheels on the Bus'. Dad alternated between documenting the whole hot mess with his video camera and carrying Max or Thomas to check out what all the other kids were up to. I didn't take any pictures of that myself, because I was enjoying just being able to go with the boys.

That was probably the nicest part of the visit - just being able to hang out with my family. Having to go to work is just reality right now, but it can be hard to miss things like the playgroup, so having four days off to indulge in enjoying those sorts of things was really nice.

Also, I want to give props to Dad and Lucia for babysitting so that we could have an anniversary dinner/date night... our first in the city since the boys were born! Woohoo!

Just a sidenote update on the boys... Both are sporting at least FOUR teeth now and both have started semi-crawling backwards... so by the time we get out to Seattle, I expect they will be fully crawling forwards.

Watch out!


Barb said...

They look like so much fun. (Aren't they?) And I know exactly what you mean about being around family. Looks like an awesome family and a great visit.

And hey - watch out for the shoulder bites. As soon as Sammy popped those upper teeth and had four functioning together, shoulder biting became a fun thing for him.

LadyGripe said...

I worry about them biting more sensitive parts!

Euge was a biter as a child and I imagine that it is possibly hereditary. Yikes.

That said, they are super-fun!