Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here is where the (Ikea) magic happens

Now, imagine two sweet, silently slumbering infants lying here...
Nope, I can't imagine it either!

For weeks I have been wanting to share the boys' nursery with you because a) I am proud that we actually did something with it and b) I think that what we did actually looks pretty good!

However, it took weeks for us to get anything hung in there because it seems like every time I am home and have the time to hang things, there are two little rugrats inhabiting the room.. and they are restless enough without me banging nails or thumbtacks or whatever into the walls.

Finally this weekend I had a girlfriend over (thanks Megan!) and she assisted me in picture hanging. Well, mostly she just cheered me on as I hung pictures - but I will take whatever help I can get.

There are still some items that aren't in place. For instance, the bumpers I ordered for the crib, because the boys are learning to crawl and keep backing up until their chubby little legs get caught in the bars... and the v. cool Nikki McClure calendar (biting Dakota's style!) that I bought, but haven't hung yet.

Nonetheless, here's the tour....

Note the 'escaped convict' jumpsuits laid out on the changing table.

When you walk in the door, to the right is a giant print of the Flatiron District... from Ikea. We thought it was cool, because it wasn't babyish, but it is relevant because it shows where Daddy's office is. And since Daddy is there most of the time, I think it is nice for the boys to be able to punch his office as I change their poopy diapers. Ahem.

The changing table is a re-purposed dresser and you must recognize the little striped armchair that I also re-purposed. I would love to have a rocker or glider, but the non-hideous ones all cost beaucoup $$$ so... a comfy little chair will have to do.

Plus, with two babies worth of stuff in the room, I feel like everything needs to be as compact as possible!

The curtains are super-cheap ones from Bed Bath & Beyond and the shelving is re-purposed Ikea shelving from the kitchen in the old apartment.

Behold, the most horribly designed humidifier EVER. It's from Vicks - FYI.
Why didn't I take a picture that featured their cute car?

To the left (to the left, to the left... thanks Beyoncé!) are the boys' cribs. I grouped them like this so that I tame both the wild beasties at once, and the added benefit is that -again - it is more compact. (Don't worry, there are bars on the windows so that no babies can launch themselves out.)

The cribs, carpet and mobiles are from Ikea.

Wow, I feel like I am showing a singular lack of imagination with all the stuff from Ikea, but, actually, I am showing a singular lack of funds!

The red-striped blankets were made by Carolyn from a quilt that had been made for Eugene's childhood bed by his grandmother. They are acting as temporary bumpers.

These shelves hold more clothing than my entire wardrobe.

If you turn back towards the door you can see the other re-purposed kitchen shelving and the entry and closet doors which we painted with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint just seems like flat black paint. Whatever.

Theoretically, we will buy some chalk and write 'Max' and 'Thomas' on the doors in some creative way - just to make them look nice until the boys get old enough to scribble on them. then, all bets are off! Hopefully, the boys won't think that being able to scribble on the doors means that you can scribble everywhere.

Ugh, I really need to organize the book/toy shelves. But again, when????

This was where all of my picture hanging work was done.
Lining up frames is hard!

Needlepoint from Eugene's childhood... our non-Ikea decor

When Carolyn brought us these pictures from Euge's childhood room, I could not see how we would incorporate them and I was - dare I say it - a bit not loving them. But they grew on me and now I think that they bring a homey, whimsical touch to the room. Plus, who doesn't love a dog dressed up as a fireman??? At least, I think it's a dog dressed up as a fireman.

The shelf o' stuffies. Note my Ella Phunt's place of pride.

We couldn't possibly fit all of the boys' stuffed animals into the cribs - plus there's that whole SIDS thing to consider. So the heater cover makes a nice place for them... and that is the clock I watch as I am feeding them at four AM!

The lamp is from.... wait for it.... Ikea!

That's pretty much all there is to show. I didn't open the closets or shelves where the boys clothes are because they are ridiculous. We need to organize out the stuff that the boys have (weep, weep) grown out of.

I always think that you have such great decorating ideas - love your apartment - so I hope that you like what we've done!


barnaclebarnes said...

Actually I think that is a picture from the first Movember held in 1939...

Looking good.

PS: You still owe me your address - The room needs some Kiwiana!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm impressed. It is a very boys-with-good-taste kind of room. It looks organized and warm and fun. I have some of your wooden blocks and books to add to the mix. You can look them over next week and we'll ship whatever you want. Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Allison.

I'm a friend of Heather's and a fan of the blog. I have a 1 year old. I wanted to let you know that I have a glider that I LOVE from, guess where, Target.


It's close to affordable, no waiting, and they deliver. Just FYI.


Barb said...

Very cool. I'm just eavesdropping on your tour for the family, but I must say I love it. It's tasteful and beautiful and very urban-chic-design-conscious-destructive-boy. It makes Sam's nursery (which, mind you, only houses one boy) look like someone took a Target laundry basket full of dirty clothes and a garage sale cardboard box full of plastic toys and tossed them in a giant stand mixer and dumped them on the floor. You are amazing. Every time I think I'm exhausted and overwhelmed by just one I look at your blog and think, hey, I need to get a grip. :)

A very fun tour.

LadyGripe said...

Glen - I sent my address.. can't wait to see what wackiness comes our way from NZ!

Mom - I am so taking you up on the babysitting offer... that's the real reason we're coming to Seattle! Babysitting = gold!

Katherine - Thanks for the suggestion. I do love me a good Target deal! The chair is working for now, and since the boys have never had a rocker/glider they don't know what they are missing!

Barb - It took us so long to get the room together because I was dependent on the husband apparatus to put together cribs.. paint the room.. tether the shelving to the walls etc. This was not a solo project - only the picture hanging was. As for the cleanliness - I have their sitter to thank for that. She is super fastidious and cleans all of the areas where they live/play. I heart her VERY much!

Dakota said...

bite away on the nikki mclure love! love her! love it all...totally going to bite you on the chalkboard door though! When we get around to painting Joseph's room...right now it's sort of a fleshy pink...not winning any hippest nursery contests on Apartment Therapy this time! Oh, and i think we have the same humidifier...