Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Been Burning Stuff

Birthday girl!

Vegetables, mostly. Also the roof of my mouth. Some naan. The midnight oil, on Saturday. The 4AM oil, actually. And in the bar that night there were candles burning, on every surface, because the power went out but none of us were ready to go home.

Kate is not a woman who burns vegetables. Fireworks, maybe, her lovely fair skin, probably. But the food, whenever she makes it for me, comes out just the way it should. Kate makes pie and pork cutlets and poems and plum liqueur. Also friends, and trouble, but only in the good way. Saturday night she made sure no one was lacking for cheese, when all the ladies came over for some dancing at her place, before we all went over to Hazlewood for fancy drinks and the kind of boys who didn't mind if you threw ice at them, as long as you did it with a smile.

I made some wallflowers dance, and I made Kate Moss look good by giving her Topshop fringe jacket a workout, and then I made a resolution to do it all again soon, preferably with Kate in that red dress and Lindsey in the liquor bottles and Jess in person! Wanna join us? You can never have enough band practice.


Hazlewood with ghost of Jessica


Kate said...

practice makes perfect! Way to work the fringe, girl.

LadyGripe said...

Umm... can we watch Gossip Girl while I'm home? Your sign-off made me think of it. I heart that show, even if they aren't using Veronica Mars anymore.

Unknown said...

OH! I love you, I love you, I love you! I am counting the days lovely lady! I will cry again I promise you know how I do with emotions!