Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Favorite Seattle Photos

At the airport on our way.

I thought I would look all Angelina Joie-ish with my brood of babies... but I just look kind of tired and chubby! No wonder the airline employees were so eager to help us.

See the woman looking at me with pity? She shouldn't! Those are the best babies ever - even if I am tired!

See! Best. Babies. Ever!

Joseph showing Max the ropes in his bedroom. 'Here's how you dump everything out of the bowl! Drives Mommies nuts!'

Joseph holding forth.

Actually I think he was pretending to feed the bowls out of that little bowl. Like they were chickens.

Note the predatory way that they are looking at him. You don't tease my babies about food. Oh no, anything but that.

I just like all the purty colors in this one. Note Thomas's look - as if he is thinking 'is there food, or isn't there? Do. Not. Mess. With. My. Food!'

Feeding time! You'd better shovel that food in quick!

The boys all getting sucked into 'Black Beauty'. Pathos! Drama! Horsies!

The boys, with their first balloons! Asleep in the car.

Dad and Max out to lunch. Max is dressed all grunge-Seattle style with the long sleeves under the Willy Nelson onesie from Mom.

Mom and Thomas making googly eyes at each other. Awww...

Proof that I was there!

Classic Keene-Marsh Family photo. Dakota and Clay look ready to start snacking on all the Joseph scrumptiousness.

Thomas, enjoying the frigid beach.

Max, not enjoying the frigid beach so much.

Max falls asleep on Mom's lap

While Thomas gets all worked up by Eugene.

Dad, showing how good he is at spreading sweet potatoes all over Max's face. A new Thanksgiving tradition!

Thomas, in his favorite napping spot. I dig the cool belt and sweater. Booties by Joyce. I heart them.

The boys at Toby Diamond's houseboat. I think that they were basically trying to make out with their own reflections in the glass...

Things I did not get good photos of:

Dim Sum
Either open house
The Little Red Hen (but let's just admit that it would be impossible to get the right photo there)

I'm pretty bummed out that I didn't take better pictures at the actual 'events', but I think that I got so caught up in them that I completely forgot about taking pictures. And, obviously, my pictures are quite boy-centric. But my life is kind of boy-centric...


Barb said...

A.Dor.A.Ble !!!

Anonymous said...

I think those are some pretty great photos of the visit. I heart the whole deal! Thanks for making the trip and for your "okay, we can do that" attitude. Our little family is so much the better for these visits!
Mummy (Thankful at Thanksgiving!)

Pam said...

your boys are gorgeous!