Monday, December 15, 2008

Where We Find Out What I Have To Say

Hey. I haven't been here much. It's winter, dark for pictures, busy at work, under the weather, in bed with a book, driving in the rain, stuck in traffic, hiding, not knowing what to say, sometimes out, sometimes running, sometimes not.

I have a week and a half left before my week off, and I've taken a running leap into War & Peace, bought a Christmas wreath, and put the second comforter on my bed. It snowed last night, and this morning Andrew brought me a latte, and I drank it while I ate a toasted crumpet, and watched some of the Seahawks. I ate a fancy pot pie out of a porcelain ramekin for dinner, tinkered with a story, did some knitting, took a nap, wore socks I made with my own two hands, and you know, that's pretty much it.

The story is the biggest thing, probably. It's overdue, deadline last weekend, and I missed it, obviously. It should just be revision but in this mood, this hiatus from a certain kind of writing, it just isn't coming together. I haven't made my peace with that all the way yet, so it may still change, it's a matter of moving a scene up in time, adding another, putting a little more meat on the bones of a certain character. All things I could do, I will be able to do, at a different time. How soon that time will come, I can't tell.

Until then, still more knitting, and warm things, and War and Peace and maybe some more naps.


Barb said...

Sounds like that fall/winter transition is in full swing in your neck of the woods too. I made a turkey pot pie with the frozen turkey leftovers from thanksgiving yesterday, and I ate the entire thing (not all in one sitting) while watching the Packers and cuddling up in my beautiful green socks. There is something so wonderful about pretty handmade socks from a friend that make them as comforting as hot pot pie in the cold winter.

I hope the writing bug bites you soon, but how it possibly could while you're swimming in War and Peace is beyond me. You're insane. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the good life to me!
I am listening to books on tape (Fortunes Rocks) and wrapping gifts to go to NYC and Arizona. Next year, shopping on-line and saving the $70+ in postal costs!!!
I'm proud of your ambition in taking on War & Peace! Not crazy, no, not crazy. (I usually agree with Barbara, even though I don't know her.)

chimayo bound said...

Oh, sweetie.
Keep it going, that's all I can say. Keep at the writing--it is so good! Whether it's on the page or in cyberspace seems moot at this point. It's all so good. Just keep it going.


and, sorry for the 'sweetie,' it just came out...