Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anyway, that's what's up today.

I totally owe you a post about the weekend I had. Mercy, what a weekend. But since I can't do it justice now, we'll start with something else. 

Jason and I have a project this week. Photo exchange, one self-portrait every day, taken after 7PM PST. I realized recently that I need a new muse, and when I thought about who might be both handy and willing, well, the list came up short. I did take some gorgeous photos of Kristin last weekend, but she, like me, is disturbed by the intimacy inherent in having someone who knows you take your photo. Does anyone else get that? I totally struggle with it. I bet Kristin and I are not the only ones.

So, I'm still looking for the muse (watch out Kate, I have some good photos of you, and photos taken in the past that ended up pleasing me = high likelihood I will shoot you again) but you know who is really handy and around every day in my life? Oh yeah, me. So when Jason and I came up with our rules for the photo a day, and one of them was "photo must include something living", our subjects ended up being ourselves. 

We also agreed to email them to each other the next morning, and to take them after 7PM. We discussed whether we should have a limit on the number of photos we could take in order to get the self-portrait, and I'm glad we didn't agree to one, because it took me about 50 to get the one above, which I'm only okay with, not ecstatic about. One of the hardest things about the challenge is my self-imposed rule about flash (hate it), combined with my lack of technical knowledge about photography. Ha ha. I did TRY a few flash photos to see if I could stand them, but guess what? I couldn't. I also resisted the temptation to use the photo below, which I love. Maybe on the 5th day I could have, but on the first day, it just seemed too evasive, you know? 

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jessica said...

this is right up my alley I love it and is bringing a smile to my face!