Thursday, February 26, 2009

So... so what?

Day two of the self-portrait exchange. I'm getting a little obsessed with this. I went out last night and meant to take my photo while I was out, would have been good too, the beet soup I had for dinner was so pretty and red, but I got too caught up in my conversation with Grant and forgot. So when  I got home, I took two photos and thought I was done, but once I uploaded them, I realized I wasn't satisfied.

Jason says a little difficulty in a creative endeavor is always a good thing, and this project is proving him right. I tend to think that it's impossible for me to take a photo in my apartment at night, since it's not the most well-lit space, and, of course, it's cluttered with treasures. But the more I just sit there and look around, the more ideas I have. Now I've got this process of upload, check photos, delete some, drag some to the desktop,  take some more, upload again, delete again, lather, rinse, repeat. Last night I took over a hundred photos, with four different themes, but in the end I think (I think) I liked the one above best. Can you see the globe light reflected in my eye? 

One thing I'm really enjoying is including pieces from my art collection. All the framed paintings and drawings that sit stacked on my kitchen table, leaning against the wall, now look like tempting props. I guess there's a good reason I haven't hung everything after all, isn't there? Here's another funny thing about this - I'm liking the detail of the photos, the detail of my face. Freckles and wrinkles and stray flakes of mascara. I kind of like looking myself in the eye. What's that about?


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