Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Subterranean Mojo

Susan and I hated the Sex & the City movie. HAAAAAAATED it!! We went to a matinee, and even though the reviews had been bad, we thought, hey, high production values, crazy outfits, NYC, how bad could it be? Pretty bad, it turns out. So don't even get me started on the idea that they are going to make a sequel.

The sad part about it was that there really was something to Sex & the City, the tv show. It wasn't the stupid columns that Carrie wrote, her observations on love, or the parade of semi-cute actors who played her love interests over the years. I was kind-of over Samantha and the whole idea that there was something revolutionary in her free-wheeling sexuality, and the whole Miranda career juggling was a little cardboard cut-out for me. But I remember towards the end of the show, either the show itself, or some review I read of it, probably both, talked about how it was really a love story between the four women, and that was truly the part of it that I liked. I liked their little brunches together, and the way they cracked each other up, and sometimes they made up too easily after a spat or trouble, but still, I liked the way the four of them were always together, and the way we were with them, deep in the intimacy of their friendships.

When people see me again after a long time apart, they don't usually think to ask me how my girlfriends are. That's understandable, but too bad in a way, because few things influence my state of mind and happiness more than my girlfriends. Susan has a level of commitment to me and our friendship that no boyfriend has ever had, a willingness to hash it out and muddle through and fight if necessary and just always be there. Kristin is like this for me too, though Susan will always have seniority over every one. She's like the Senior Fellow of Friendship. I love her like a sister, and that's a lot.

So if you asked me now how I am, and you thought to ask also about my girlfriends, I'd have to tell you it's been a hard winter. I know you know this about my winter already, but a few of us have been having a rough time simultaneously, and wow, do I feel that. I haven't been the friend I'd like to be, though I'm trying. Kristin is back in the states, and that's been good, and ANTM is back on soon, so Susan and I (I hope) will get back to that silly habit we have, Tivo, good snacks, yelling at the TV and laughing at Tyra. That should be just about enough to get us through these last weeks of winter.

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Love you, girl, and Thanks.