Thursday, June 25, 2009

As Ready As It's Going To Be

We never did find the lighthouse, though it should have been easy enough. We did find the roastery, and the farmer's market, and the old school pharmacy, the kind with toys and yarn and everything under the sun, and the book store and more. I filled two rolls of 120 with photos of Kate and green views, and patches of flowers next to old buildings with flaking yellow paint. Kate bought two sourdough starter jugs, two pie pans, and a side dish server for $5, and I bought 3/4 length gloves and a giant old dictionary and a nice hardcover copy of Simone de Beauvoir's "America Day By Day".

I could have stopped twenty-seven more times on our meander around the island. I kept seeing things I wanted to photograph, an old sign, or the way the road curved, more flowers, weathered wood. I do tend to be drawn to the same things over and over again. Photos of feet, people walking away. But I especially had a million more ideas for portraits I wanted to take, so that's what I'll start with, on the new blog, which you can visit here.

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