Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fathers Day in the Big City

Look Mommy! It's the place where the food takes FOREVER!

Well, I won't win any prizes for being the most prepared mother (or daughter) for this Father's Day. I didn't get a package out to Dad and Eugene had to order his own gift off of the internets.

I did manage to get together cards from the boys for Euge, but since there are drugstores on every corner of this city, that isn't exactly a major accomplishment.

Even so, we had a lovely Father's Day. I let Euge sleep in until the crack of ten (the boys think 6:30 AM is a VERY appropriate hour to get up on a Sunday), we loitered around the house for the morning and then went out to brunch.

Actually, it was more like a late lunch... and we fed the boys on the subway on our way downtown. The one convenient part of the trains running local on weekends is that it allows us a leisurely amount of time to stuff food into the little boogers, so that we can enjoy our food once we get to wherever we are going.

We went to The Park and got a lovely seat in the atrium, under the trees. We ordered our food and a drink for each of us and just sat back, ready to relax and just enjoy the boys, a delicious meal (not prepared by my hands) and a gorgeous setting.

An hour later, the boys were still being their own adorable selves... and Euge and I were still waiting for our food.


I think it is a well known fact that I am not someone who handles hunger particularly well. Compounded by the fact that I noticed at least four tables that were seated after us had FINISHED their meals before ours even arrived... and you can imagine just how charming I was when the bill came.

Actually, I think I was relatively charming. There was no crying, or yelling, or expletives. The manager took some items off of our bill and we rescinded the vow to never go back there again.

Then came the actually honest-to-god really good part. We went to go visit the new High Line Park. It is just unbelievably cool.

It's designed to make use of the elevated train tracks over by Chelsea Piers and they did an amazing job of integrating cast concrete, native plantings and the original train rails.

There is a whole section with chaise lounge style benches and a covered section with a neon installation and another with a stained glass installation. There are elevators for breeders like us who need to bring the stroller for the kidlets.

There is also the section where the boys are in the picture above, which is recessed stadium style seating looking out of a giant glass wall overlooking 10th Avenue.

We had so much fun walking around and checking out all of the park's features that the long wait for food was almost totally forgotten.

Now if only I could have remembered where the charger was for our camera BEFORE we went, so that I could have gotten some decent pictures! Like I said, I won't be getting any prizes...

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Barb said...

Very cool! I hadn't heard about High Line Park and I'll definitely check it out if I ever get to NY again.. if I ever leave my plastic-toy-engulfed home. :)

I think you're forgiven for being disorganized and forgetting to get a gift ahead of time. A variable speed grinder's gotta make up for a lot.

Totally cute pictures. Sounds like a good day. Father's day around here is a little different... as you can imagine.