Monday, April 05, 2010

I Saw A Lilac Tree In Bloom Today

Seemed wrong. But then, so does close to a month without a single blog post! This won't be much of one either, I'm just here to say, Hey, I'm here. The world right now is all classes and change and staying the same. All those things, mixed up in a blender. Those earrings, worn again today, almost a year later, and the sweater I was wearing in that photo is the sweater I was wearing yesterday, at the Farmer's Market, which may very well have been exactly where I was that Sunday a year ago. In the coffee shop this morning, the barista told me she had seen me at the other coffee shop, and that the camera I had was cool, and I had to think for a minute, because I was in the same coffee shop both days this weekend, but with two different cameras. 

For the new part, there's camera class tonight, though the camera is old, and the friend who loaned it to me is an old friend as well, and the restaurant across the street where I'll be tempted to go after class is the same restaurant that was a favorite last year. Still, it all feels different. And good.


Barb said...

Yay! You look (and sound) beautiful.

P.Shaw said...

changing to the same is a good thing.