Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Where You at Dawg?

That's right, I called you dawg.

I can do that because you went to Garfield. So you are forever a Bulldog. Live with it. Whereas I, I am a Rough Rider. You can call me Teddy.

What can I tell you today?

I cooked lovely porkchops last night. Mmmmm. Grilled in my Le Creuset Grill pan. Who ever said wedding presents aren't useful? Shout out to Dakota and Clay - the gifters of the grill pan!

Ummm... What else?

I think Wentworth Miller has purty lips. Hur. Hur. Hur.

And I can't believe how much press Paris Hilton can still generate showing up somewhere in her underwear.

And I think Chloe Sevigny looks better in the Little House on the Prairie gear she wears on 'Big Love' than she has in any of her own clothing in years. She should have stuck with Daryl K.

And someday, when I am preggers, I hope to be more Angelina than Gwen Stefani. That girl wears some crazy gear!

Those are my brilliant observations for the day.


Bagel Face

ps. Edited to say - Check out my image! It was the top Google image for 'Pork Chop'. Don't you just want to eat her?

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