Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Again with the socks? Yes.

Hi again. Here's the second of the socks I knit for Pam. It's lounging on Susan's porch. I seem to be heading in to the summer with a strong start on the knitting front. It's important to carry a lot of momentum with you in to summer, if you expect to get all your knitting done when it's too hot to wear any of it.

And I have a long list of socks that need work, so I will be knitting all summer.

One of the things I am MOST looking forward to about CO is knitting. I love the idea of being able to knit any entire day away. I love the idea of having a week's worth of handknit socks in my wardrobe. I see knitting as a manifestation of time. Each little stitch is an increment of time.

No, I didn't know about your WC Laydeez. That's pretty funny. I can see how it would have been nice to have them to confer and lament and confess and obsess and rejoice and anticipate with. Is it odd now to see how their marriages play out? Who has kids, who is happy and how? I hope none of them ever undo the marriages that brought you all together.

I'm eating a "Bread & Chocolate" chocolate bar. I thought it sounded good - pieces of french bread in it! I thought there would be maybe little chewy bready pieces in it, but instead it seems to just be crumbs that don't really do anything but add a salty flavor to the chocolate, which itself seems a bit sour. Maybe the sour comes from the bread too, I don't know. I just know it's not at all what I hoped for. But I'm only halfway through the bar, and I have three other bars on my desk that are also failed experiments. I will explain more tomorrow. You must know about the chocolate.

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