Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blogging is the secret to cleaning

I know, it's blurry but it's late, I needed a photo and am too lazy to take any more

It's true - try it some time. Once you start blogging, then you want to take nice pretty photos of things. But before you can take nice pretty photos of things, you might, if you are like me, have to clean up a little. Today I did some cleaning, including (you won't believe this) organizing my wrapping paper. Seriously. I've got some good wrapping paper, but before today it was strewn across both the living room and the kitchen floors, and as pretty as it is, it really didn't look good there. I also did dishes, and knit a little on a sock (which I am starting to suspect I might be knitting for myself, since I cast on for it without knowing whose it was and I still don't know... maybe it belongs to someone out there reading... it's green and brown and yellow, self-patterning, and honestly, I don't know why it's the sock I'm knitting now, I have other more important socks to knit... anyway, let me know if you read this and think "maybe that's MY sock she's knitting!") and did some shredding which was just too too dull and then thank god my writing friend Lillian called me and so I went and met her for some truffle gratin potatoes and rhubarb soda.

Have I told you before about how I love love Lillian? She had a clip in her hair that was so so cute, and I found myself looking at it and wondering "when she cut her hair like that, did she KNOW that she was going to be able to put a cute clip in it like that? how did she figure out to put the clip in that way?" and she had hand warmers with red buttons on them that she knew I would like, and she was right, and she said very sensible things about jinxes and how we are going to make bad choices, but it's how we handle our bad choices, yes, she's right, and we talked about how blogging is weird because it's not the kind of writing you revise a lot, or it seems too precious, but then again, maybe you don't want to just write completely off the top of your head... and then my head hurt and I decided to just not worry about that too much, since usually what I do is just revise the stuff that I liked writing and let the rest of it be what it is. It's hard to be inspired every day.

Then I got to drive her home and see her very cute new house, which she and John painted excellent colors inside, like chocolate brown for their cozy bedroom, and I admired her collection of juice glasses with the old-fashioned flowers on them and I especially enjoyed seeing the wall that John covered with framed James Bond album covers. That wall looked so good. Have I told you before about how I love John too? He told me it was a nice party the other night and I think he meant it. I hope so, because I want them to come back next time. They made the party look more fun by eating all the cheese. You need guests like that if you are going to have a party. I mean it. If you go to a party, be sure to eat stuff. It makes it look like everything was really good, and the hostess will appreciate that.

And yes, this morning I did go to the coffee shop, where I learned that single tall lattes have been ruined for me due to the fact that Bobby and Andy decided they were going to gang up on me and start serving me doubles without my permission. Katrina is much more gentle with me, so she actually ASKED me what I wanted to drink before that bully Andy could change it. So I had her make me a single and then found myself thinking "hmm... this really is a bit anemic..." and then when I realized that I had finished the single and still hadn't made much progress on the story I was writing, I ordered a second latte and went for the double. Andy's eyes got real big when I told him what I wanted, and I think maybe he was considering whether he was really authorized to put that much caffeine into my little body, but he made it anyway.

And maybe that's why I'm up at 1:00 in the morning writing on the blog. It's either that, or I've gone back to Tasmania time.

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