Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What's In Store For Tomorrow

Oh, I miss the blog. I pledge to devote more time and attention to the blog now that my first two weeks at home are over. The blog must be fed. I missed some good stuff through my laziness, but I won't go into that in case I get inspired to catch you all up.
Tomorrow is the day when I will catch up with myself. I'm off work all week, so I'll actually have time to dig out from underneath all the scraps of wrapping paper, the laundry that is currently piled on my bed and the boxes of yarn that have not found a permanent home since returning from Colorado. I haven't touched the book since I've been home, and in spite of my neglect, I am grateful to report that it is still calling my name. Tomorrow morning, I'll call back to it by packing up my notebooks, along with some of the manuscripts that have come back to me in the last week, then head down to Fiore to see Andy about a latte and some raisin toast.
The wrapping paper can wait!

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