Monday, April 23, 2007

Foodie Delight

The baker's dozen at Oyster Creek Inn

Only a few more days left in the oyster months! At least until September. I went to LaConner this weekend to see mom (more on that later) and we had oysters and champagne with every meal other than breakfast. Must keep up on my resolutions!

I never did post the final items on that list. I figured I would spread them out over the course of the year. You know, always have something to work on. So, here are a few of the goals that were heretofore unpublished, though not necessarily unaccomplished.

- visit the Tate Modern (I've wanted to since it opened!)
- visit the new MoMA in NYC (hmm... I posted so few of my NYC visit photos, clearly I must remedy that soon)
- fly a kite
- finish a draft of my novel
- cook more ( no need to say how much when ANY cooking would count as "more")

The first three, no problem, The last two? I'm not sure which is more unlikely. The other day Elvis told me "I don't think I've ever seen you cook a meal." He meant that lovingly, of course, just one of my charming quirks. I did have a rebuttal, some quite nice meals to remind him of, the pork with apricot glaze, an excellent lasagna with sauce made from scratch, some Asian-inspired something I made while I was living at Waji... but, well, you see where this is leading, don't you? When you can remember every meal you've made in the past three years, it means you don't cook very much.

Here I am trying to remedy that. Sort-of. Technically, Bruce Naftaly did the cooking. I helped by doing the wine drinking, listening intently and eating every morsel that was passed my way. So this is cooking class! I like! So much that I signed up for next month, and am optimistic that the asparagus/celery root soup may some day be recreated in my own kitchen. He prepared three other dishes in the three hours we were there, but that was the one that really spoke to me and my cooking skills.

But wait! The day's cooking did not stop there! After class we went to Ballard Market and bought ingredients for a cucumber mignonette to go with the oysters I brought home from my weekend adventure (a dozen Kumamoto, two dozen little Olympias). Both the mignonette and the oysters were delicious, and the recipe for mignonette made a ton, so if any of you Seattleites find yourself needing any in the next few days, you know who to call.

Impressed yet? Don't be, I haven't done a thing on the novel since Thursday!

Hope you had a great weekend too.



LadyGripe said...

Yum! I was very much envying the oysters and champagne weekend. And with Mom, no less!

Where was the cooking class? I was thinking of getting a cooking class for Dad for his birthday... but I don't know any of the places in Seattle. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just remembered a dinner-party thingy at your and Karl's house, and you made some kind of soup, and Chris didn't stop talking about it for weeks!

May he rest in peace : )