Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sky Blue Sky

So, I bought the new Wilco album, along with a bunch of other CDs (I justified it by reminding myself that I have a road trip coming up in mid-June, more on that later), but I haven't listened to the Wilco yet. I'm saving it. Not totally sure why, but that is the definite feel of it, a feeling of saving.

One CD I would not save if I had it now would be Cat Power. I had the life-altering experience of watching Cat Power on Austin City Limits last night, damn, that girl is something else! I wanted to be a teenager again so that I could chop long bangs into my hair and buy some leotards at American Apparel to wear under my beat-up old school jeans just like Chan Marshall. Alas, I'm old enough to know that none of those things are a very good idea.

Elvis and I had a good field trip yesterday, wandered around downtown Seattle, catching the crumbs of the cheese festival at Pike Place Market, eating crepes and missing the ferry to Bainbridge, where we intended to go and eat fancy ice cream. Instead we went to Elliott Bay Books, then Panama Hotel tea room, which I think is one of those great semi-secret Seattle things.

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