Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lil What's-his-name

The moment you've all been waiting for... the wolfhound puppy reveal! He's having a hard time holding on to a name, so I'm just going to call him Puppy here. He really is everything a puppy should be, all floppy ears and cavorting and snuggling. Wolfhounds are so big though, he's already the size of a perfectly respectable regular dog. Pam is off on her travels, so now it's just me, eight animals and a lot of Colorado scenery.


Barb said...

What a little doll. He looks like the exact perfect dog for Pam right now... whatever his name is.

Allison said...

Yay! Puppy! That's what we need around here - more puppy! And cowbell, let's get some more cowbell while we're at it.

Love you! Miss you!