Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thomas likes the view from up there

Well, it's definitely fall here in New York. We could use some of those thick sweaters and handknit scarves... actually the boys could use some handknit hats - hinthint.... preferably with ears....

We spent a long weekend in Vermont. The leaves are all just past peak and enough have fallen to make for fun kicking games for the little boys who visited us there.

Eugene's friend John (of the horns, from the Medieval Fair post), his wife Amy and their three (THREE!) boys came up for the weekend to celebrate Euge's birthday. They brought a ridiculous amount of energy, arcane Yu-gi-oh knowledge, a delicious birthday cake and pasta salad.

By 9:30 Saturday night, all of the adults had been completley whupped by the kids - including our little darlings.

Amy and Will check out the boys

Sunday morning we got up and had waffles. Actually, we didn't because I couldn't find the baking powder... so the boys had Frosted Flakes, cinnamon rolls and the adults had a yorkshire pudding. With syrup.

The waffles would have been hice though, right? I even bought fresh strawberries to have with them!

Suffice to say, after all that sugar there was energy to burn! So we went for a walk in the woods and took family photos.

In this photo, I think my back was about to collapse
Smile through the pain!

We walked FOREVER.

No, seriously - it was a super long walk. It was beautiful, but I thought it would never end... and my darling baby in the sling was weighing heavy on my spine! Mama has no core strength!

Any hoo, we sent them on their way Sunday afternoon and still had that evening and all of Monday to enjoy up there! We had the grill out and enjoyed the crisp evening air... and then we watched Be Kind, Rewind, which I wanted to love but just didn't.

Monday, I managed to drive to New Hampshire to buy supplies for our co-op's Hallween Party... which, somehow, I am in charge of. It was a nice field trip with the boys and I got to see some beautiful scenery, all the fading golds and rusty reds of the rolling countryside.

It was really a lovely fall weekend.


Barb said...

They're growing so fast! And my advice to Sis the knitter... knit bigger than you think they need. I swear Sam puts a hat on one week and it's too small the next week. The time from 6 to 12 months is crazy and nothing evere fits. Everything is too small or too big, and most things fit for about ten minutes. How are you supposed to keep a baby warm in winter? :)

Great photos, Alison. Core strength or no, you look fantastic!

Dakota said...

sweaters are in the works! i'm such a slow knitter! they'll be done by thanksgiving! :)...I'm not yet adept with the circular needles often required for hats, so I'll leave that to Heather.
Allison, you are looking very svelt! Looks like so much fun in the fall leaves!
love you!