Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things I Love - part who knows what

171. My new old Polaroid
172. The fact that when I'm sick, friends come out of the woodwork to help me out
173. Driving Lake Washington Boulevard
174. New winter coats
175. Girls' getaways
176. Pranks
177. The idea of using a film camera
178. Getting to go to this place with Kristin
179. Katherine's chicken soup (believe me, I don't need to have tasted it to know I love it)
180. Moleskine's city books
181. My new couch
182. Having even just one sentence for a new story
183. The future
184. Giving Kate bath bombs
185. Reading the New Yorker on airplanes
186. When people love something I knitted for them
187. Earrings my mom gave me
188. Watching GG with Ali
189. The movie Stranger Than Fiction

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