Friday, May 25, 2007

Playing With Fire

I love this photo of Jay. So intense, but I can see a little smile in the corner of his mind in this photo, too. Do you know Jay? My favorite bartender, at my favorite bar. In NY, there were favorites, but here there's only time in my life for one. Jay's a bit of a mad scientist, really. I think I might have written before about the time I brought Peter, my chemist friend, in to see Jay - Peter recognized Jay as a true kindred spirit. We don't actually order any drinks from Jay, we just let him know about any restrictions (no gin for Kirsten, no vodka for Caitlin) and then it's up to him to decide what magic is going to happen that night. What you can't tell from the photo above is that the grapefruit he's holding is on fire. I love fire.

Here's luscious Kirsten sampling the results. She was pleased. Doesn't her hair look pretty? Isn't Caitlin cute and funny behind her? It was a lovely night out with the ladies. That white light shining behind us in the photo below? It's coming from the pleasure I took in their company, that's what I think.

Kirsten and Caitlin were well-behaved, they are charming lovely girls, both much more composed than I tend to be, and it was a summer afternoon, calm but peppered with light laughter. It suited the sweet atmosphere at Sambar, and even though there were drinks on fire for a moment, it was really just a pretty thing, no feeling of danger.

Sambar might be in for something different tonight though. Rumor has it that these girls are joining me there, and while you know I would never do anything to wear out my welcome at my favorite bar, well, it still might be just a little more rowdy tonight.

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